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Harry_Tuttle_in_BrazilIf you liked the Newcastle Twestival, then you may like Tuttle North East – an informal meet up, once a month, to talk about Social Media & Web 2.0.

It’s not technical, it doesn’t have a structure – it’s literally a beer and a natter. This link to Tuttle founder Lloyd Davis’ Advice to a new Tuttle-meister, sets out his thoughts on how to set up & run a Tuttle group.

So you can keep in touch, I’ve set up a mailing list – you can subscribe here. Let me know if you have any issues.

The meeting for February was cunningly folded into the Twestival, but the March tweet-up will be at 1630 on March 19th at Newcastle’s Pitcher & Piano (on the Quayside).

I think shooting for the penultimate Thursday of each month will help avoid Codeworks TaaD clashes, and IMO more people go out on a Thursday…

Please let me know whether you’re interested or planning to turn up by registering your interest on Upcoming.

If someone would like to lead a meeting on say, Teesside, please also let me know.

If you’d like to upload your photos to the Web, may I suggest you upload to Flickr? Please tag your photos with “tuttlenortheast” [without the quote marks!], and you can also add them to the Tuttle North East flickr group.

If you take some video, then mebbes we should have a chat & decide which platform to publish your footage on!

Very much hope to see you then. 🙂


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Thanks to shaun Allan of Vector 76 for joining me in January at the Pitcher & Piano. Shaun’s company do Virtual World builds, in particular in Second Life. We had a good natter about all things metaversal, but he’s a bit shy because of all the paparazzi attention (see photo & SL likeness at bottom)!


Vector 76 (i.e. Shaun and Celia) have been putting together a virtual mock-up of the main quayside areas along the Tyne, i.e. both Gateshead and Newcastle. They are due to go live any moment – see photos at the bottom of this post.

I’m also including a shameless plug for T.O.F.F.S., whose Toon strip Shaun’s avatar models. 😉

Another shameless plug is for the Thinking Digital conference, in front of whose banner Shaun’s av is standing…

 Thinking Digital Conference 09

Future Tuttle NE meetings

I will continue to organising these meet-ups if there is demand, but maybe I need to improve my communication if people are to know about them. I’ve been doing a lot of tweeting, but I think people also respond well to e-mails! Comments below please. 🙂

It makes sense for the February Tuttle NE to be folded into the Tyne Twestival. Details of which are:- 12 February 2009, 1930, The Other Rooms, Times Square, Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4EP. Hope to see you there!

I will be asking people at the Twestival whether they still want to meet up for Tuttle NE drinks each month…  

Red Shoes-shod lady in Vector 76's Second Life island
TOFFS wearing Toon supporter in Vector 76's Second Life island, with Thinking Digital banner
TOFFS wearing Toon supporter in Vector 76's Second Life island

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