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You may be aware that I’m going to Texas this week for the South by Southwest interactive festival – in fact, you may well be sick of seeing tweets etc. about it! Sorry for that… lol

I’m thinking that the penultimate Thursday of the month is the 19th (a week on Thursday) and hopefully will be back on Tyneside earlier in the day. So fingers crossed we’ll meet up that evening!

Thanks to Alistair for meeting me in the Six Restaurant bar at the Baltic – apologies I didn’t make it clearer where in the Baltic we were meeting – doh!

So, please can I have a show of hands for a) meeting up again on the 19th, and b) whether we should try for the Six bar again (sixth floor of the Baltic), or go for the Pitcher & Piano?

Also, I’ve had some feedback that the mailing list is too centred around me (i.e. I administer it and it isn’t all that easy for others to get involved etc.), which is also the case for the blog – although happy to add other contributors.

Fair enough!

So, I was wondering whether something along the lines of Ning (e.g. http://sxsw.ning.com/) might be more in order? Or should we keep things informal because you folk have plenty of other things on the go & don’t realistically have time to get involved?

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