Short note to plug the next meeting of TNE, which is tomorrow at the Pitcher and Piano in on Newcastle’s Quayside – please see my post to Upcoming for more details.

We will be gathering from 5pm, so see you there!


A quick note to give a soft launch to the first meeting of Tuttle North East, which turned out to be a rather enjoyable chat with Stephen Davies in the Pitcher and Piano on Newcastle’s Quayside.

Stephen Davies

It was a very pleasant end to a busy week. We covered such diverse topics as:

Pitcher & Piano looking WestWe agreed a monthly interval would be good for meetings. I have since checked tuttle – at – justingsouter – dot – eu and found that Paul Smith had efficiently sent his apologies, but I hadn’t got my act together to check the mailbox. :$

Sage Gateshead & Tyne bridges

Anyway, a good time was had by all. Hopefully, we can do so again in December.

First posted at http://souterconsulting.eu/2008/10/27/tuttle-north-east-volunteers-please/

“Right folks, I’ve done the ‘easy’ part – i.e. set up some supporting tools:

Now I’m looking to draw together a group of volunteers who will pull this all together. Thanks to David Coxon for his comment on my initialpost about TNE – I’ve set up the blog above as you proposed.

So, please DM me via Twitter, or send me an e-mail via justingsouter – at – hotmail – dot – com [haven’t got e-mail sorted on my new domains as yet! :-(]

fyi this is *definitely* not the Justin Souter show – if it’s not a group exercise, it won’t go anywhere…”

First posted at http://souterconsulting.eu/2008/10/24/thought-experiment-tuttle-for-the-north-east/

“Hello folks

If you’re a Social Media type, then you may have heard of Tuttle. Otherwise, check this out.

So, my contention is that the North East of England could do with a focus for Social Media wannabes (and Pros, of course).

The idea would be to extend the Tuttle coverage up to the North East, and use the template created by the London, Brighton, and Birmingham groups.

It may well not go anywhere, and certainly will have a time limit / shelf life (remember First Tuesday?).

Whilst it may first be a group of people working in this discipline [i.e. a discipline that participants help define for themselves], it would be good to have practitioners as equals in the group. Jeremiah Owyang maintains a list.

I’m in business to make money and assume others are as well, so there would be a commercial edge to proceedings.

I’m happy to be instrumental, but I suspect that it needs to be a co-operative approach, with a number of people driving it forward. Sort of a glorified Tag team.

I guess it may well need a wiki as per Brighton.

I suggest that instead of meeting every week, it may be as well to congregate, say, an hour before Codeworks Connect events (i.e. once a month). But I’d need to ask them [apologies in advance to anyone / everyone – doh]!

Please comment below or mail me at tuttle – at – justingsouter – dot – eu [n.b. I’m still in the process of setting up the mail for this domain…]. Ta.”